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Joe S. (age 34)

This product was just what I needed to help me get my confidence back to where it used to be. I noticed an increase in my desire to have sex as well as an overall increase in energy. I also felt like I was able to perform better. I am going to continue to take this product. I like that fact that it is all natural and works with my body.

Bill L. (age 61)

I’m 61 and I have been using Red Stag for about 90 days now. I purchased the product because I just wanted a bit more energy and hoped that it would increase my desire to have sex. My wife and I were having sex once or twice a week and now I am in the mood almost always. Which at 61 is a very good thing…I recommend this to everybody in my age group because you don’t always realize how much you have lost until to get it back. I have my ‘swagger’ back, thanks to Red Stag.

Larry M. (age 45)

I actually ordered Red Stag to improve my mood and energy levels and put some spark back into my life. After two weeks of taking the product I noticed that my mood was improving, that life wasn’t stressing me out as much and that I was more interested in having sex. So far my results are very positive and I am going to keep taking the product.

Don J. (age 53)

After researching the ingredients in Red Stag I found the product contained ingredients that are shown to help men not only achieve better erections but to also help with strength and stamina. I started takeing the product two months ago and my body is leaner, I have more energy and my sex life has gotten better thank you Red Stag!

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